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Smooth & Furious, that’s Mister Fury Hot Sauce. Mango and lime juice give the sauce its soft start and the red habaneros, cayennes and red chilis set your tongue on fire. In a pleasant way. Mister Fury is the hottest of the family and has no added sugar and is completely vegan.

Because of its unique blend of smoothness and heat, you can add Mister Fury Hot Sauce to any dish throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, this superhero serves them all!

Sets any dish on fire

Ingredients: mango puree, water, sunflower oil, habaneros, red pepper, cayenne pepper, modified corn starch, lime concentrate, salt, garlic. Thickener: guar gum. Preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Stabilizer: xanthan gum, aroma

Nutrition Facts per 100mL:

Energy value 403KJ/ 96kcal, Total fat 6g of which saturated 0,5g, Total carbohydrate 9g of which sugars 5g, Protein 0,7g, Sodium 0,8g

Serving size 10mL:

Energy value 40KJ/ 9kcal, Total fat 0,6g of which saturated 0,1g, Total carbohydrate 1g of which sugars 0,5g, Protein 0,1g, Sodium 0,1g

e 180 ML

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